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Parents Services

The Midland School

participate in school programs. These include activities that involve them directly with their child’s academic, social and recreational growth, to services that support the family, and projects that involve them in the support and growth of the School.

We welcome and encourage parent participation at any level that makes sense for the entire family. We also recognize that parents may have busy lives and other responsibilities and try to offer parent programs that are flexible enough for everyone.

instruct-highlightsOne of the missions of the Midland Parents’ Association is to bring families and children together. The association sponsors social and recreational activities, as well as fund-raising events, and plays a vital role in affording every child and family an opportunity to participate in school functions.

Additional Family Services include:

Counseling Services

Recognizing the special educational and emotional needs of the families of children with disabilities, Midland offers the services of its school psychologist and social worker to all parents or other family members of its students. Additionally, all Midland staff are available to consult with parents on an individual basis when needed.

Learning Institutes

Midland Learning Institutes are scheduled throughout the school year. Speakers provide information on topics of particular interest to the parents. Examples of topics include: Transition Planning, Guardianship, Special Education Rights and Responsibilities, and Behavior Management. Click here to view recent Learning Institute videos in our video archive.


After school or weekend social and recreational opportunities are also offered for students, their families and Midland staff throughout the year. They include:

  • Physical Education activities
  • After School Activities
  • Teen dances
  • Program Fair
  • Midland Basket Auction
  • Holiday Boutique
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Family Picnics

Parent, Sibling and Special Person Days are also scheduled periodically.

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