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Why Choose Midland

The Midland School

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Why Choose Midland?

    • A culture of high expectations.
    • Staff recognize each student’s unique talents and strengths, and unique challenges.
    • Staff is trained specifically to educate children with disabilities. We are accountable for your child’s progress.
    • Facilities, programs and activities are fully accessible and designed to optimize your child’s learning.
    • Students feel safe and valued by their peers and teachers.
    • Parent participation is valued and encouraged and is recognized as an integral part of your child’s growth and achievement.
    • New Jersey Student Learning Standards are the same as those required in public school.
    • Students with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of school life.
    • A comprehensive career education program and school-to-work transition program prepares each student for adult life.
    • Midland graduates are afforded the opportunity to continue in Midland’s adult programs and participate in the Alumni Association’s extensive social and recreational outings and events.


The Midland School

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Midland’s academic programs are developed for the individual student. While each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) is the foundation of his or her academic program, it’s the use of integrated and multi-sensory teaching methods that make the curriculum work so well. Instruction is implemented in one-to-one and small group settings. Classrooms and programs are dynamic—changing as necessary to meet each student’s needs and consider their learning styles and developmental levels. Teachers and supervisory personnel, in consultation with the local district child study team and parents, select the best techniques to use with each student.

Midland School teacher and students working on academics - private special education school, Branchburg, Somerset County, NJTo View Sample Classroom Schedules Click Here: Sample Schedules

Social Studies and Science units are studied school wide and change three times per school year. Many reading, language arts, and math lessons are planned to coordinate with these themes. In addition reading, language arts, and math skills are woven through every other curricular area, including independent living, music, art, shop, physical education, science, social studies, speech, and program center (library and computers). This interrelationship of curricular areas provides multiple opportunities to practice skills in a familiar context.


The Midland School

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Our Approach is the Key

Midland's programs are developed for the individual student.
Instruction is dynamic – changing to meet each student’s
needs considering their learning styles and developmental

Helping students with disabilities reach their highest potential

The Midland School is a New Jersey approved private nonprofit special education school for children with developmental disabilities in North Branch, Somerset County, NJ. For over fifty years, Midland has provided quality programs and activities to enable our students to reach their highest level of achievement and independence, and to become contributing members of their communities.





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